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Medical waste management solutions

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The hospital’s medical waste is a highly dangerous waste product, and the potential harm of viruses and germs is huge. If not disposed of properly, it may cause "secondary pollution" and seriously threaten people's health. Once the virus flows into society with waste, it will pose a huge threat to social stability and human health. Therefore, there must be a feasible means to strictly and effectively dispose of and manage medical waste.

In terms of medical waste management, there are still many problems, such as the low reuse rate of medical waste, the environmental pollution caused by the mixing of medical waste into household rubbish, the hidden dangers to residents' health, and the medical waste treatment cannot be traced back, etc. The environmental pollution of medical waste has not been controlled by the source. These issues are not only medical and health issues, but also belong to the scope of public health construction work, involving public health and social stability.


Medical waste management system based on RFID technology

According to the process characteristics of modern medical waste management, Silion technology utilizes RFID and WiFi, combined with computer network management, software development, system integration and other technologies to develop a practical, simple and efficient information management system.

The main functions of the system are as follows:

1. Simple and fast information collection with great convenience

The intelligent medical waste management system uses the electronic bill system on the handheld device to input waste information, upload it to the system through the network, simultaneously upload GPS information in transit at the same time, in this way no need manual records. Medical waste bins are affixed with RFID tags, with each company or hospital ID recorded, and RFID readers can read the amount of medical waste, and the ID information and the related operators.

2. Data transparency and traceability

The electronic data platform records all information during the whole process from the waste collection, transportation, and disposal to incineration, and all related sectors can trace the continuity of data. Meanwhile, the supervision department can track and deal with abnormal situations in real-time according to the system's automatic prompts.

3. Standardize management processes and control pollution from the source

It reminds us to correctly dispose of medical waste by reasonable and legal procedures, effectively improve the previous confusion, and control from the source at the same time, prevent the situation where medical waste pollutes the environment.