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UHF RFID tags to address your tracking needs

If you still use barcode technologies for asset tracking, it’s time to embrace the change. Enhance data accuracy and facilitate inventory management by switching to tags for an RFID UHF spectrum by SILION TECH.
With electromagnetic waves of ultra-high frequency, our tags outperform their predecessors by expanding the frontiers of speed and quality of data collection. Once you adopt our RFID tags with a compatible reader and antenna, you can accurately capture data well beyond the line of sight.
SILION TECH is a UHF RFID tag manufacturer that can help with all your scanning and tracking needs. Browse through our RFID tags to match your RFID system and increase the data collection capabilities of your business.

Tags for RFID UHF technology for long-distance identification

Looking for a way to reduce or eliminate human intervention while scanning? With RFID technology, you don’t have to manually scan items to access information and put it into your computers. The AIDC methods that stand behind RFID enable you to automate all these processes, making it easy to identify multiple containers with UHF RFID tags from a long distance and prevent human error. Moreover, they store all the acquired information in your database so that you can analyze it later.
Don’t deprive your business of improved processes just because you have budget goals to meet. Instead, you can enjoy reasonable SILION TECH UHF tag prices for our high-performance products. Whether for staff and asset tracking, inventory management, or any other application, our RFID tags are always budget-friendly to make a difference by improving traceability.

Buy UHF tags to benefit from versatility and durability

Our RFID tags are highly versatile. They can be used for logistics, industrial, and other activities, making them a universal solution for all business needs.
SILION TECH RFID tags can withstand low-temperature and high-temperature conditions within the -25-85°C range. You’ll hardly face any difficulty when attaching them to the surface.
It’s a good idea to stock up on our RFID tags for a complete upgrade of your asset tracking system. You can store them for up to 24 months if you haven’t opened the package yet. The detailed information about each tag series is specified on the product page.
Whether you want to find out how much our UHF RFID tags cost or clarify their specifications, feel free to contact us. We’re just one message away!

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