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RFID PDA devices for on-the-go tag scanning

Portability has just got a new meaning in the RFID and IoT fields. SILION TECH PDA RFID readers are perfect for on-the-go scanning of tags to live up to their digital assistant nature. Available in many frequencies, our handhelds facilitate your tracking and management processes closer to where your assets are, from any point in your supply chain to warehouses and parking lots.

SILION TECH PDAs are designed for retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, petrochemical, and other industries. They work like a charm for UHF waves, bringing high tag processing speed and convenience to on-site tracking operations.

Single-tag and multi-tag RFID PDAs for sale

UHF reading aside, our latest gun-type PDA devices allow you to scan hundreds of tags at once. Enhanced with technologically advanced processors and enormous memory capacity, they ensure the scanning speed of 700 tags / s when used for group reading. This can significantly accelerate how your goods move in and out of your warehouses, not to mention other multi-tag processing applications.

Traditional smartphone-like and gun-type PDA RFID devices are also available for single-tag scanning. The pinpoint accuracy of readings is guaranteed for up to 960MHz frequency, even in heavy-duty environments. Our PDAs feature robust protection to keep functioning outdoors and under low-temperature conditions.

Android UHF RFID PDA scanners

All SILION TECH PDAs use Android to keep tag data flowing between integrated devices and databases. This operating system leaves you with many connection options at the enterprise level and prevents compatibility issues with the RFID industry’s most frequently used software solutions.

Our PDA scanners are optimized for smart memory use. You can rest assured all your tag data is captured with nothing falling through your device’s cracks.

Battery-powered and lightweight handhelds

Tired of scanners that are impossible to carry to access points? SILION TECH RFID PDA devices are lightweight and can be easily taken to wherever you need to read tags. Thanks to the portable form factor, they minimize hand fatigue as your workers get the job done.

For continuous operation, all our handhelds come with powerful batteries with up to 9,000mAh in capacity. This should be enough for hours of scanning, but you can always recharge your device when needed.

SILION TECH is more than just a PDA RFID supplier. You can also check out our readers, modules, antennas, and tags to have a complete range of RFID equipment. 

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