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High-performance PET material labels are widely used in various documents and archives.

Product Parameters

Product Description


Size: 100×20mm (±1mm)

Number of finished single roll: 2500PCS/roll (reel diameter 76mm)

Chip: NXP

Card material: PET

Conform to the standard: ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2

Chip storage area:

EPC: 96bits (readable and writable)

TID: 64bits (readable and non-writable)

USER: 0 bits

Working frequency: 860-960MHz

Working mode: passive

Labeling temperature/humidity: 10~40℃/20%~80% RH

Storage temperature/humidity: -25~50℃/20%~80% RH

Shelf life of the finished product: 23±5℃, 50±10% RH

Protected from light in the original packaging, can be stored for one year