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RFID application in Supply Chain

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RFID solutions for inventory and supply chain management


The Solution Background:

Traditional inventory and supply chain management mainly rely on manpower, which is time-consuming and inefficient. In the production and distribution part, equipping with the Silion RFID reader and related tags can effectively solve these problems. With RFID technology used in the entire logistics process, goods tracking, reading and warehousing will be recorded automatically and fast. Information updates to the system in real-time. In manufacturing, supply chain management, and those enterprises that need to perform warehouse management tasks, RFID technology is an important choice for them to improve efficiency.

Through the integrated application of barcode, warehouse management system, execution scheduling system and related terminal equipment, the RFID solution forms a complete execution system that integrates production material inventory and distribution; Greatly improved the operation availability, and provide a reliable basis for business operations, management, and market decisions.

1.Improve enterprise operation efficiency

Automated data collection greatly reduces labor costs, improves the accuracy and efficiency of data collection. Meanwhile, it helps to improve storage turnover, reduces the occupation of company capital, turns frozen assets into cash flow, and reduces costs due to warehousing elimination.

2.Optimize the enterprise management process 

The execution system of the terminal operation helps the personnel at the executive level to handle the business processes such as receiving, returning, material distribution, picking, and inventory conveniently and efficiently.

3.Data analysis provides a reference for corporate decision-making and marketing

The circulation rules of materials and products reflected in the data can provide very important reference information for the market layout and business management decisions of enterprises.