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Personnel and ticket management RFID solutions

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In some large conference centers, convention centers, sports venues, concerts, and other entertainment venues, there are usually a large number of participants in the event. It is a huge project to do every attendee ticket checking and ID authentication. In the traditional ticket checking and management methods, by manual operation, it’s easier to mix fake tickets, and it is inefficient. With the use of advanced RFID technology combined with database, positioning and other methods, Silion Technology effectively solved the problems of ticket check and information management.

A UHF RFID tag is used as the carrier of the ticket information. Each participant receives a UHF ticket with a unique ID number. When attendees enter or exit the door, the UHF reader can read the tag information, realize functions such as automatic sign-in for participants, information statistics, etc. In application fields that need to check and manage the identity of personnel, each UHF tag can be written with a unique ID number, corresponding to each individual relevant person, When the tag is read, personal identification information can be collected, analyzed and managed.

1. Automatic Information Checking, Efficient and Fast

The UHF RFID reader's automatic collection of each tag information can be completed quickly, reducing the queue time, speeding up the circulation of personnel, greatly reducing the time of ticket inspection, and the accuracy of electronic ticket information is better than that of traditional manual ticket inspection. What’s more, each RFID ticket has a unique ID which is helpful for anti-counterfeiting.

2. Ticket Recycling and Reused

In some one-time applications, UHF RFID tickets can also be recycled. By rewriting the new ID number, they can be applied to other conferences or events again, saving the cost of the enterprise, and reducing paper tickets usage. The recycling utilization rate is conducive to the sustainable development of the environment.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction and Experience

You can shorten the queuing time when queuing and checking tickets. At the same time, by making full use of the collected information and doing some data analysis, you can provide customers with targeted value-added services.

4. More Application Area

This application can be applied to many different fields: schools and training institutions, building/office attendance, VIP customer sites, military entry and exit management, important venue identity approval, various sports events, concerts, cultural performances, exhibitions, scenic spots, etc., all areas that need ticket management.