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Smart production and manufacture with RFID solutions

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In traditional manufacture, the data on the production workshop and the assembly line are obtained by production management and process records. Most of the data are manually recorded by workers through manual work checks, manual verification, it’s complicated work processes and low data accuracy. With the rise of the IoT, digital and automated management modes are increasingly used in manufacture. Some companies use barcodes for production management, but barcodes have many limitations. RFID technology has more advantages than barcodes. Each RFID tags have separate IDs, which can be edited, and the UHF RFID tag is read in a long distance, and have high information security.


The front, middle, and back end of the workshop production line management system based on RFID technology can be divided into three parts: RFID equipment, middleware, and application management.

(1) RFID equipment

RFID equipment contains RFID fixed readers, RFID desktop card readers, UHF antennas and RFID tags for collecting data. It is the interface between the outside world and the production process management system. The outside world referred to here includes items, tags, radio frequency, etc. The information read by the RFID device will be transmitted to the RFID workshop management software through the internal network.

(2) Middleware

The RFID device middleware collects the RFID tag data and processes the data according to specific rules. First, the RFID tags read by the RFID device are filtered. The filtering here mainly refers to the filtering of repeated read data. Second, you need to convert this data into a specific data format for backend integration.

(3) Application management

Network and server equipment: Establish the network and server equipment needed for the production process management RFID system in the workshop. The information system can receive data from RFID middleware, and can statistics, query, store or share information according to specific needs.

The RFID reader can quickly read the information of the RFID tag, and then quickly and accurately record and upload the data to the system, which greatly improves the efficiency of the production management system.

1.Effectively improve the accuracy of the data

Through the rapid and automatic intelligent identification of the RFID tag on the workshop during the entire manufacturing process, it is combined with the computer system database to replace the original manual record ledger, eliminate errors, improve efficiency, and achieve intelligent and automatic production management.

2.Optimize production efficiency

Through data collection, management, retrieval, archiving and real-time statistics, it can dynamically reflect production and quality information, so that product managers can timely, accurately and comprehensively understand the production process situation, so as to take necessary and effective measures to ensure production Can proceed as scheduled. Optimized production efficiency.

3.Reasonably manage inventory

Combining the data of the production line with the inventory management system, it can be quickly upgraded to an intelligent warehouse management system, so that managers know the inventory situation in real-time, improving the warehouse inventory efficiency and accuracy.


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