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Vehicle Management

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Electronic License Plate (Internet of Vehicles)

Application Area

The electronic license plate automatic identification system aims to build a comprehensive information management platform for city vehicles from the management level, and realize “Internet of Vehicles” from the operational level to optimize traffic, improve traffic police enforcement, and vehicle value-added services.

Application Requirements

The electronic license plate system will aim to promote the platform and service of car-related information in public security, transportation, and other systems. The electronic license plate will be used as an information carrier and RFID technology will be used as the basic information collection means to realize the sharing of car-related information resources and improve vehicle Management information level.

The Solution

On the Internet of Vehicles, due to the use of the latest RFID UHF technology for management, the recognition rate has been increased, the management of traffic police has been strengthened, and various government measures have been implemented to speed up the process of traffic informatization construction.

Key Technologies and Products

The reader can read vehicles with a speed of 200 km/h, and a stable reading distance of 30 meters

IP65, lightning protection, and other designs, also secure for outdoor applications

Optimized design of performances such as encryption and probable discrimination

Ceramic tag with tamper-resistant design

Intelligent Weighing ( Material Transportation Management )

Application area

Used in steel mills, power plants, cement plants, grain depots, coal mines and other companies that have transport vehicles to transport bulk materials and weigh them.

The Solution

Based on RFID technology, by placing anti-tear electronic UHF tags on the transport vehicles, using Silion RFID reader to automatically collect vehicle-related data in the tags, and then intelligently make decisions through back-end application software, so as to quickly realize the tracking management of raw material transport vehicles and prevent Some man-made security loopholes, which have fundamentally solved the management problems of "One Vehicle Two Times Pass", "Fake Licence Plate" in bulk material transportation. The unattended intelligent weighing system is created by means of RFID automatic identification and infrared limit of vehicles, saving labor costs.

Key Technologies and Products

UHF reader with 20m stable reading distance

Application of infrared limit to ensure accurate weighing of vehicles

Ceramic UHF tag with tamper-resistant design