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SLD1090 RFID Development Board

SLD1090 is a full-featured interface board designed for convenient testing and assembly of RF modules into complete machines, providing customers with an easy and fast way to perform tests. It enables customers to quickly evaluate the performance of RF modules based on the development board, and to develop their own products based on open-source information.

Product Description

SLD1090 is an interface board designed for easy RF module testing and assembly of complete machines. The product series adopts an industrial-grade design. A variety of modules can be connected,  such as SIM7100, SIM5100, SIM3100, SLR1200, SLR5600 can be directly connected to the board. Communication interfaces such as USB, RS232, TCP/IP are provided. There are 4 inputs and 4 outputs of GPIO ports (3 of which are relay outputs), with strong driving capability to drive peripheral devices such as indicator lights and alarms directly. This board is convenient for evaluating the performance of RF modules and can be combined with a shell to make a fixed reader with compact structure, convenient installation, and stable performance, suitable for various industrial applications. It also facilitates testing of GPIO operations, reset, power-on control, etc. The interface board is powered by 9-24V or PoE, and external power supply is recommended to use the matching power adapter (12V/3A) for power supply. PoE supports the standard of 802.3at/af.

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  • Hardware and OS

    • Processor CPU: HC32F460JEUA
    • Safety Adapter: Air discharge 8KV, contact discharge 6KV;
      Surge immunity: 4KV
      Single board: Contact discharge: 8KV
  • Physical Characteristics

    • Dimensions 160mm X 64mm X 19.2mm
  • Connectivity

    • Communications 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet interface, RS232 (9600-230400ps), USB (9600-921600bps)
    • Indicator light Power indicator (green), status indicator (red)
    • General Purpose I/O 4 input, 4 strong driver output (each pull-up current can reach 250mA)
  • Power

    • Power Supply Power supply: Supply 9-24V standard adapter 12V/3A
      POE power supply (compatible with 802.3af or 802.3at standard)
      Power Consumption: Equipped with SIM7400, standby is 1.76W, operation is 16.2W; Single board is 0.7W during operation.
      POE power supply capacity: Using a 100-meter ultra-five-category network cable, different types of POE switches have deviations. Adopt 803.at method for power supply, the maximum load carrying capacity is 25.1w (11.93V/2.1A).
  • Environmental

    • Operating Temp -25°C to +65°C
    • Storage Temp. -40°C to +85°C
    • Humidity 5-95% non-condensing