E310-2 - 200.png

The Impinj E310 reader chip is designed for cost-effective printers, kiosks, and security and access management systems. The Impinj E310 joins a portfolio of new systems-on-chips (SoCs) built on a heritage of the Impinj Indy series that set performance standards for over a decade. Compared to the Impinj Indy R500, the Impinj E310 reader chip delivers:

  • Good sensitivity and up to 7 dB better receive sensitivity for reliable performance in proximity uses

  • Up to 50% lower chip power consumption, supporting battery-powered, energy-efficient IoT devices

  • Up to 80% smaller RAIN RFID system designs ideal for small, next-generation devices

With industry-leading system integration and easy-to-use development tools, the Impinj E310 enables the development of quick-to-market IoT devices.