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Animal husbandry intelligent traceability RFID management system

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System Overview

From the successful experience worldwide, the application of RFID technology in animal traceability is an inevitable development trend.

The animal traceability system developed based on Silion RFID product mainly tracks and monitors the feeding, transportation and slaughter of animals, and traces the animals when an outbreak occurs. Through this system, the National Health Department can trace the animals that may be infected with the disease to determine their belonging relationship and historical traces. At the same time, the system can provide real-time, detailed and reliable data for animals from birth to slaughter.


System composition

The animal traceability system is mainly divided into three levels: management center, control center, and quarantine substation. The system consists of animal electronic tags, RFID reading and writing equipment, RFID handheld readers, electronic tag writing and automatic identification software.


System flow


System advantages

Achieve full tracking of individual animals throughout the life cycle to ensure food safety.

Give full play to the technical advantages of RFID, easy identification, flexible, and anti-pollution, especially suitable for batch operations.

RFID ear tags, mobile RFID readers, GPRS network, back-end database, application software, all components are closely combined to ensure the efficient operation of the traceability system.