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RFID Baggage Handling System

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Application requirement

You must waste too much time if you did miss the airplane in several times, many people had unpleasant experiences for the complicated check-in procedures and handling the baggage check-in issue or waiting in a long-line when checking in.

There is no need to wait if we can do everything by ourselves, even we can calculate the time more accurately.At the airport, which step you reserve time is over exceed more than the actual:check-in, security check or customs check? I think, at least it should not include the check-in. Because you totally can do it by yourself no matter if you have baggage check in or not.

System design

Silion uses RFID technology to realize the user’s automatic identification and information management. Passenger can do self-service baggage sorting automation through the intelligent device.The device with Silion mini size reader SLR1116, it has 4 ports ceramic antennas, the size is 168mm×115mm×32mm only, the weight is 590g. Silion as a Impinj global partner, we developed high performance RFID reader based on R2000, it improve the reading efficiency and high accuracy. Also it improve the passenger’s using experience.





System process:

1. Self-service baggage check-in system, click“Check-in for flight”on the vending machine,scan the valid document and confirm the flight information, click “Choose the seat”,then click “Baggage check-in”

2.Take out the flight ticket and baggage tag, tear off the sticky strip of the tag and put it on the baggage, then put the baggage on the conveyor belt and detect the weight.

3.Click“self-service baggage check-in”, scan the valid document again, after confirming the baggage into the conveyor, take out the printed baggage ticket receipt.


Application feature

1. The intelligent control device is for passenger self-service baggage check-in.

2. The device could detect the passenger baggage’s size, weight and baggage tag, and it also can complete the baggage check-in process.

3. The whole process is very fast and in high success rate, which could reduce the airport running

cost and improve the passenger capacity ability.

4. It can print the flight ticket and baggage ticket at the same time, it also can handle separately. It has fully function and unique appearance.

5. RFID tag as identification of baggage, baggage check-in becomes visualized,passengers could track their baggage in real-time during the whole journey.

6. The RFID reader in the self-service baggage check-in machine could read each RFID tag information quickly and efficiently, it greatly improve the accuracy rate compared with the traditional bar code technology.


Running situation and user benefit

As we know, the whole baggage process tracking system used the international advanced RFID baggage tracking technology, it recognize the identification information by RFID chip which embedded in baggage’s strip. The recognition accuracy rate reached 99.5%, it greatly reduce the baggage lost rate.Beijing Daxing airport will work with other airlines to optimize the related process to make sure the system running smoothly and provide the passenger with a high service experience.