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Intelligent Warehouse Management

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Application requirement

Tradition warehouse management base on traditional system that rely on non-automatic and paper to record or track the goods, it totally manual implement of the internal management of the warehouse, it cause the low efficiency of warehouse management and limit the management of warehouse scope. The modern management of warehouse is not only handling the goods inbound or outbound registered process, but also recording the goods specification, quantity, time etc, to database clearly. Using RFID tag for warehouse management could almost solve the issue that ensure the correct information of the goods and supply chain at each step in the logistics. It can locate the goods detail location, statistic the goods quantity/specification, manage the goods inbound and outbound accurately.

System design

Silion developed a series of RFID reader device rely on RFID technology, it greatly improve the traditional way of logistic outbound or inbound and the work efficiency. We developed the warehouse logistics inventory trolley,which with Silion SLR1200 single port module and antenna, SLR1200 provide an MMCX antenna interface,support RF output up to 30dBm. The module with low power consumption, small size, good RF performance and advanced anti-jamming design make it a preferred choice for mobile trolley. Using the RFID tag stick on the goods, put the goods on the trolley, it improve the inventory quickly and conveniently, also improve the work efficiency.



System process

RFID automatic identification technology combined with ERP visual database software,which has a series visualization system for tracking from inbound to outbound, from inventory to outbound. It is perfectly replace traditional manual process of the goods information collection and statistics, it also improve the efficiency and reduce the mistake. High efficiency management of inbound and outbound, accurate real-time inventory dynamic, reduce the warehouse management cost, speedup the warehouse turnover that realized the warehouse management of optimal configuration. Especially the main function of RFID warehouse management system is to manage the goods accurately, locate the goods position accurately, speed up transferring the goods,prevent the loss of goods or property caused by human factors.

Application feature

1. High work efficiency

2. Reduce greatly the damage rate during the process

3. When receiving or shipping the goods, it improve the reading performance when the antenna reach tags closer

4. With the warehouse management system, it realized the operation control and exclude manual intervention, at the same time it improve the work efficiency and improve the management, it help to know the inventory details and statistics in real-time.


Running situation and user benefit

Replacing bar code with RFID tags to identify goods can effectively complete the automated management of the warehousing and realize the automatic collection,automatic processing and information reporting of goods information. it realizes the real-time management of internal products and cargo positions in the warehouse, which can improve the efficiency of product warehousing, reduce the work intensity of workers in the outbound process and reduce the probability of errors. It realizes the intelligent logistic,which reduce the risk of missing goods.Warehouse logistics management is more systematic to reduce the warehouse management cost.