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Intelligent Manufacture

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Application requirement

At present, in order to meet the marketing need, Sany group improve the safety supervision according to the details situation of the company safety production. Using RFID technology to the vehicle manufacture industry field rely on RFID technology and database application to build a lower cost and high efficiency manufacture management system that achieve the supervision of the vehicle manufacture. EMS system adds RFID device to satisfy the automation scanning on the basis of the system requirement and realize the production process from the final assembly line, chassis production line, top assembly line, small tonnage production line, and wide-body vehicle assembly line, which simplified the production process and monitored the vehicle information. The company will improve the automatic and intelligent of manufacturing supervision,quality management after the project process. Through the “intelligent ”management to reduce the production cost and improve the working efficiency and quality.



Considering the position in outdoor and warehouse workshop, Silion developed high power consumption UHF fixed reader SLR5603, which is suitable using in warehouse or worse environment. it’s widely used in logistic industry,access control system, anti-counterfeiting system and manufacturing control etc multiple RFID system, its an ideal optional for commercial and industrial application.


System structure




RFID middleware system is for unmanned automatic identification and report system. the system is consist of RFID reader, RFID antenna, RFID Tag, RFID middleware system software.RFID middleware search the binding order information on background system though RFID middleware recognize automatically and filter RFID tag, using EMS system interface upload the RFID Tag, RFID supervision number, order number, position number and RFID identification time to EMS system so that to realized the automatic automatic reporting process.



System advantages

Ø Using RFID technology to establish a real-time, accurate and efficient production process automatic supervision information system

Ø RFID has the properties of moisture-proof, oil-proof, lightning-proof, electromagnetic interference-proof, heat-proof etc, which can meet the needs of long-distance automatic collection of materials and products in process, it also can work stably 7*24h in harsh industrial environments.

Ø Integrated with MES and RFID system is to solve the issue that EMS software cant be connected with the manufacturing on-site in the workshop,also it solve the automatic recognition and the process reporting.  

Ø The processing status and completion status of each order are reflected in real time in order to the manager adjustment and save the production management cost.

Ø Using Silion SLR5603 high power consumption fixed reader that can protect against various bad environment,the device with 8dBi high gain circular antenna has good performance for reading long distance.

Ø Realized the the entire process of product control and trace ability in the manufacturing industry. Such as whole-process quality tracking, clarify quality responsibilities, eliminate cross-process processing, miss-process processing, product loss and other chaotic situations.

Ø Realized a reasonable production plan and the finished products will be delivered in time.

Ø Collecting the recording data automatically during the manufacturing from production plan to finishing manufactured, which is convenient for timely adjustment of the production plan, and it is also conducive to the post-analysis of production data and the prior control of the production plan.