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Urban Intelligent Transportation Solutions

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In recent years, with the rapid growth of the number of motor vehicles in China, the traffic pressure in major cities is increasing, and problems such as driving difficulties and parking difficulties are almost common problems. These problems not only affect the daily life of citizens, but also gradually become the bottleneck of urban economic development. In order to effectively relieve the traffic pressure, in addition to the implementation of the government's various anti blocking and anti blocking measures, it is also an urgent task to speed up the process of traffic informatization to improve the modernization level of transportation. No matter how to improve the traffic and vehicle management, we need to follow a big premise, that is to have a perfect public transport system. Internet of vehicles and intelligent transportation came into being to solve the above problems, and the premise to achieve this goal is to build an integrated electronic license plate system.

The Internet of things application project Department of xinlianchuangzhan complies with the macro situation and combines the advantages of the Department itself to design an electronic license plate automatic recognition system to realize urban intelligent traffic management.


The basic design principle of electronic license plate automatic recognition system

The design of the automatic license plate recognition system needs to consider the function and performance comprehensively to meet the following characteristics:

1. Large capacity: support the demand for the number of motor vehicles and the capacity of the automatic inspection lane;

2. The design capacity of hourly traffic flow of annual ticket Lane shall meet certain standards;

3. The overall performance requirements after the completion of the system are to ensure that the accuracy of the system is not lower than a certain level when the vehicle passes the automatic inspection lane;

4. RFID identification rate: ensure that the accuracy of vehicle RFID RFID electronic tag identification is not lower than a certain level;

5. The response time of data reading query should be lower than a certain standard;

6. Stability guarantee: the system guarantees 7 × 24 hours continuous operation; the system shall have data backup function;

7. Flexibility guarantee: each update on the client only updates the corresponding functional modules without updating the whole system.

8. International standards / national standards shall be adopted for information system design, and national standards for software engineering shall be strictly followed for software, hardware and network design.

9. Considering all aspects of macro planning and system security, advanced equipment and technology are adopted to ensure the safety and reliability of the system and data, including data security mechanism, backup and recovery mechanism and record tracking mechanism.

10. The system meets the actual needs of the enterprise, provides a variety of platform architectures, meets the needs of the actual work to the maximum extent, fully considers the business links, and more intuitive and humanized is reflected in the operation interface.

11. The system reserves expansion interface, and will adopt open system to ensure openness and compatibility.

Overall structure of the system

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