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Bastille Parfum's RFID Revolution: Transparency & Authenticity Unveiled with Avery Dennison's Solutions

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Embark on a fragrance revolution with Bastille Parfums as they redefine beauty products, prioritize natural ingredients, and engage consumers through RFID Technology. Launched in 2020, Bastille is at the forefront of innovation, integrating RFID and QR codes, powered by Avery Dennison solutions, for traceability, real-time production tracking, and a commitment to brand authenticity.



Key Features:

 RFID-enabled Digital Twin for each product

Passive UHF RFID labels with QR codes

Avery Dennison’s AD-327 U9 ETSI RFID labels

Atma-io software platform for data management

RFID Undermount Reader for tag reading

How It Works?

Every product, including bestsellers like Pleine Lune and Paradis Nuit, is equipped with an RFID label during bottling. This label, read by an RFID reader, creates a unique ID linked to the product in, establishing a digital twin. This digital information is accessible by suppliers, brands, retailers, and consumers, offering a live view of production and ensuring timely manufacturing.


Transparency Beyond Fragrance:

Bastille extends its commitment to transparency by allowing consumers to scan the QR code on their product. This opens a portal to essential information, including bottling date, ingredients, and origin details. Users can also enjoy discounts, enhancing engagement and loyalty.


Pilot Stage and Future Vision:

The technology is in its pilot stage, initially focusing on two product lines. Bastille envisions wider RFID adoption by retailers for inventory management. Future plans involve suppliers tagging ingredients for end-to-end digital histories, ensuring a comprehensive traceability solution.


Data for Insights:

Bastille plans to leverage QR code scan data for interaction analytics, gaining insights into customer engagement and fragrance preferences. This two-way communication aims to strengthen customer relationships and loyalty.


Deployment and Impact:

RFID labeling commenced in May, showcasing the operational benefits of data and digital twins. As the company progresses, Bastille intends to deepen its connection with customers and shape the future of fragrance transparency.


Source: RFID Journal
News Date: 16 Nov 2023