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Using RFID Technology in jewellery management during COVID-19

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Using RFID Technology in jewellery management during COVID-19

    With the development of the RFID industry and the demand for non-contact solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more Indian companies use RFID technology to manage their asset. Especially for some jewelry companies. Using RFID technology could find the product and track the device status easily, it does not only save time but also improve management efficiency


As an advanced non-contact automatic identification technology, RFID can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention and can identify multiple tags at the same time, which is convenient to operate. There is no doubt that is good news to the small, precious, and high-volume luxury goods industry, which brings a good experience of inventory, real-time remote monitoring of sales, and data mining. In addition, the series of RFID jewelry smart store solutions are currently widely used and recognized by domestic and foreign jewelry brands, such as France's cleory, Saudi Jade Jewellery, and India's B&BJ. Since joining EPC global Silion has successively exported RFID UHF Readers to bring technological changes to clothing and jewelry retail operations, and help the retail industry to achieve reliable ROI.



Silion RFID Bluetooth UHF Reader SLR5104 conforms to ISO18000-6C & EPC Class1Gen2 protocol, communicates with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones and tablets via Bluetooth mode (Android 4.3 or higher), which can conveniently control the reader's work and collect The data can be transmitted back to the personal terminal in time to facilitate subsequent processing. This product not only has a refined and compact appearance, but also has excellent work performance and high-cost performance. It is very suitable for applications such as traceability system management, commodity anti-counterfeiting, equipment asset management.