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UHF RFID Module SLR6800

The UHF module SLR6800 is a Mini UHF RFID reader module independently developed by the SILION technology team in 2020. Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) form factor allows for rapid and seamless integration. It is designed for the needs of high-performance RFID devices. The SLR6800 module is shaped only coin size, good RF performance, and advanced anti-jamming design make it a preferred choice for mobile devices. The SLR6800 is pin-to-pin and SW compatible with the Impinj RS1000 and RS500 module making it a perfect replacement of the these devices.


  • Hardware and OS

    • API Support C, C#/.NET, Java
  • Physical Characteristics

    • Dimensions 29mm x 32 mm
    • Weight 12g
  • RFID Characteristics

    • Air Protocols EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
    • Chipset Impinj
    • Frequency 902-928 MHz
    • RF Output Power +10 to +27 dBm
  • Connectivity

    • Communications 32 pin surface mount module (SMT compatible)
      UART configurable up to 921.6 kbps, default 115.2 kbps
    • General Purpose I/O Four bidirectional ports
  • Antenna

    • Antenna Ports Single mono-static RF port
  • Performance

    • Reading Distance Up to 6 m
    • Anti-collision 230 tags/s
  • Power

    • Power Supply DC, 3.6 to 5.25 volts
  • Environmental

    • Operating Temp -20°C to +70 °C
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