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SIM7100 | E710 | Buy UHF RFID Module Online | SILION TECH

The UHF high-performance module SIM7100 is based on the next-generation Impinj E710 RAIN RFID reader chip, designed for high-performance RFID handheld devices and mobile readers. The SIM7100 module provides an MMCX antenna interface that supports RF output up to 33 dBm. The module's high sensitivity, small size, good RF performance, and advanced anti-jamming design make it a preferred choice for mobile devices.

Product Description SIM7100

Impinj's new generation E710 RF chip

Using IMPINJ's new generation E710 UHF RF reader chip, it has high sensitivity, wide reading range, low power consumption and powerful performance.

Superior tag reading performance

Fast and stable reading speed, multi-label anti-collision ability, long reading distance, when using 8dBi antenna, the reading distance is greater than 22 meters, and the multi-label reading speed is fast, up to 900tags/second.

Lower power consumption

It can work normally in 3.6V low voltage mode, the power consumption is 6.5W at the maximum power output, and the standby power consumption is only 0.25W. The excellent low power consumption design makes the product last longer.

Multiple monitoring functions and excellent stability

The module supports RSSI detection, supports antenna connection status detection, supports operating temperature detection, and multiple data detection is more convenient for users to use efficiently. The module can work stably at ambient temperatures from -25 degrees to +65 degrees, and supports 5%-95 % ambient humidity, stable work, efficient and stable performance, can be applied to a variety of harsh working environments.

*With an absolute maximum of +30 dBm. Maximum power may have to be reduced to meet regulatory limits, which specify the combined effect of the module, antenna, cable, and enclosure shielding of the integrated product.

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  • Hardware and OS

    • API Support C, C#/.NET, Java
  • Physical Characteristics

    • Dimensions 55.9mm x 35.6mm  x 6.5mm
    • Weight 25g
  • RFID Characteristics

    • Air Protocols EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
    • Chipset Impinj E710
    • Frequency USA: 902-928MHz FCC (NA, SA) 
      EU: 865-868MHz (ETSI)
      CN: 920-925MHz 
    • Programing Functions Tag RSSI Support
      Antenna Detector Support
      Temperature Detector Support
    • RF Output Power *5dBm-30/33dBm (±1dBm) adjustable
    • Work Mode Fixed / hop frequency optional
    • Sensitivity -88dBm
  • Connectivity

    • Communications 12 pin SFW12R-1STE1LF connector
      (Power supply, Communication, GPIO)
    • General Purpose I/O 2 Inputs (DC 0~3.3V), 
      2 Outputs (DC 0~3.3V)  
  • Antenna

    • Antenna Ports One 50 Ω MMCX Connector
  • Performance

    • Reading Distance ≥9m with 2.5dBi antenna
    • Anti-collision ≥1000 tags/s
  • Power

    • Power Supply Input Voltage: 3.6V~5.0V +/-5%
      Power consumption in RF output mode: 6.5W, 1.3A@5V, 33dBm
      Power consumption in standby: 0.25W
  • Environmental

    • Operating Temp -25°C to +65°C
    • Storage Temp. -40°C - +85°C
    • Humidity 5-90% non-condensing (+25°C)