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Data visualization in Retail by RFID application

author:本站Browse times:2020

In a mobile phone retail store, there are many people who view and try different mobile phones, but how can we quickly and scientifically identify which phone is most popular? The rapid development of RFID technology provides a simple solution to this problem.

With the Silion RFID solution, we affix a special anti-metal RFID tag with the unique ID code on the back of each mobile phone. The UHF RFID reader and antenna are installed below the display stand. By adjusting the power of the antenna, the reader forms a certain range recognition area on the display stand. When the mobile phone is in the recognition area, no one picks up the mobile phone, the reader can read the UHF RFID tag on the mobile phone, and the system will not count. Once someone picks up the phone, the reader cannot read the UHF RFID tag on the phone, the system will determine that the phone is picked up and viewed by the customer; each time the phone is picked up, the system will count once and data will be recorded on the statistics, and finally, we can easily get the data of each mobile phone’s popularity.


1. Simple installation and strong feasibility

The reader can be installed with screws, which are securely installed; the antenna is glued on the back of the display stand, and the entire hardware installation is very simple. Installation can be done quickly in different stores. At the same time, RFID tags are small in size and diverse in shape and can be applied to a variety of different products.

2. Automated data collection without manual operation

The data collection and recording are realized by the Silion UHF reader. All data are recorded automatically and do not require separate manual operation.

3. Use data for analysis

Through data analysis, you can know which model of mobile phone is more popular with consumers. The store manager can make advisable decisions about which inventory needs to be stocked more, optimize the storage quantities, and do some promotions for the favorite products to increase sales.