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RFID warehouse management in the garment industry

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RFID warehouse management in the garment industry

In the environment of increasingly fierce marketing competition, it needs to continuously improve production efficiency to shorten the capital turnover time. In the garment industry, advanced management methods have moved towards informatization and intelligence. As one of the technologies in the Internet of Things, RFID technology is also the most widely used in warehousing logistics supply chain management. Using RFID technology in the garment industry has shown a trend of informatization and intelligence, which is a sign of modern clothing warehouse management and level. RFID clothing warehousing realizes comprehensive and reliable information management.



Silion SL-B608 handheld UHF RFID reader with android10.0 combination of large memory, it supports reading multi-tag at a time with long range up to 10-15M, which is good for warehouse management. It establishes a clothing information RFID management platform which clothing warehouse management software combines RFID technology for data collection and daily business management, supports important business processes of clothing warehouse management, and improves the efficiency of the business processes such as warehousing, outgoing and inventory. Realize automatic identification, information sharing and tracking, and bring improvements in productivity, accuracy, profitability and customer service


UHF RFID technology is a new automatic identification technology that reforms the supply chain management mode of the garment industry after barcode technology. It uses the principle of radio frequency identification, which can work in a variety of harsh working environments and can penetrate certain obstacle recognition, good penetrability; it can also identify goods in motion, and can be identified in batches. Compared with traditional barcode technology, it has significant advantages