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SLR1100 | 4-Port UHF RFID Module

The 4-port UHF RFID module SLR1100 is a high-performance module. And it is a cost-effective UHF RFID reader module independently developed by the SILION technology team in 2013. It is based on Impinj Indy R2000 designed to meet the needs of high -performance RFID handheld devices, mobile and fixed readers.


  • Hardware and OS

    • API Support C, C#/.NET, Java
  • Physical Characteristics

    • Dimensions 68.58mm × 43.18mm × 8mm
    • Weight 37.6g
  • RFID Characteristics

    • Air Protocols EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
    • Chipset Impinj Indy R2000
    • Frequency USA: 902-928MHz FCC (NA, SA) 
      EU: 865-868MHz (ETSI)
      CN: 920-925MHz (CMIIT)
      Other customizable: OPEN 840-960MHz 
    • RF Output Power 5dBm-30dBm (±1dBm) adjustable
    • Work Mode Fixed / hop frequency optional
  • Connectivity

    • Communications 15 pin MOLEX53261-1571 Connector
      (Power supply, Communication, GPIO)
    • General Purpose I/O Optional, 2 inputs (DC 0~3.3V), 
      2 Outputs (DC 0~3.3V)  
  • Antenna

    • Antenna Ports Four 50Ω MMCX Connectors
  • Performance

    • Anti-collision ≥700 tags/s
    • Reading Distance ≥10m, 8dBi antenna
  • Power

    • Power Supply Input Voltage:5.0 VDC+/-5%
      Power consumption in RF:7.5W (Peak Value)
      Power consumption in standby:1.5W
  • Environmental

    • Operating Temp -20°C to +55°C
    • Storage Temp. -40°C - +85°C
    • Humidity 5-90% non-condensing (+25°C)
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